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Embedded Analytics and Reporting

Seamlessly Deliver Built-In Analytic Capabilities for Your Data-Driven Apps

Embedded analytics is the new competitive advantage. Our approach to data-driven applications gives you embedded analytics that follow the natural flow of your existing software interface. With our flexible and extensible JavaScript APIs, you control exactly how your app behaves. The result? You can finally integrate the analytical data your customers demand, directly within the apps themselves for a seamless and consistent user experience.

Extend your brand, amaze your customers. Data-driven apps provide the best customer experiences possible because they increase productivity, allowing analysis and action to occur contextually, in one place. Customers gain deeper insights into their data on their own, and they will never be confused or frustrated by a separate BI interface or app design. In other words, with our embedded analytics technology fueling the data visualizations and reporting features of your apps, there's no need to log in to other BI tools to explore your data.

Dresner 2014 Edition Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study

Download the 2014 Dresner Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study to see why we ranked #1 of 24 vendors.

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Build Data-Driven Applications

One integrated analytics platform - two paths for enterprise success

Data-Driven Apps at Your Command with OpenText™ Actuate iHub

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Embedded BI and Analytics for Your In-House Enterprise Reporting Applications

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Data-Driven Apps with Built-In Analytics for Your Customers

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Your Customers Expect Smarter Apps.

How Do You Keep Your Customers Engaged and Loyal?

Give your customers the data-driven apps they've been asking for. With our embedded analytics platform, you can make complex data easy to access and understand in everyone's favorite app format.

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  • Personalized Dashboards with real-time data. Deliver live dashboards with graphical summaries of data that users can interact with and analyze on-the-fly.

  • Embedded Analytics for drill-in analysis. Take your apps beyond static surface reporting. With layers of integrated data and built-in analytic support that follow the app's natural interface, users can immediately zoom into reports for further analysis on their own.

  • Interactive Data Visualizations for self-service data exploration. Empower your users with dynamic, interactive data visualizations that help them find answers to their questions: the what, when, why, and how behind complicated data sets.

What Happens When You Embed iHub's Powerful BI and Analytic Functionality into Your Applications?

real-time data analytics directly from the app itself

You get real-time data analytics directly from the app itself, for instant business insights that drive better strategic decisions.  

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Differentiate Your Business

Differentiate the way your business does business

Raise the bar with the smartest data-driven applications and step ahead of the competition with real-time insights that not only help you run your business better, but also help you provide the best customer experience imaginable.

Simplify the Data Discovery Process

Simplify the data discovery process

The integrated analytic support makes it simple for your users to work with data in ways that feel natural and intuitive to them, within the application itself, eliminating the need to supplement their analysis with separate visualization tools or other BI software.

Uncomplicate Your User Experiences

Uncomplicate your user experiences

Meet end user demands for easily accessible, real-time data analytics with built-in interactive functionality throughout your applications. Our approach makes analytics a seamless part of your apps so your users don't even realize they are using embedded business intelligence.

How Can You Make the Best Data-Driven Applications? 

5 Best Practices for Designing Data-Driven Apps

5 Best Practices for Designing Data-Driven Apps

Data-driven apps have become a major growth engine for the worldwide software market. Download this white paper to learn about the five best practices and examples for designing scalable and personalized apps.

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  • Keep it simple. 
    Successful apps are straightforward and immediately usable without requiring a user manual or special training.

  • Make it smarter. 
    Data-driven apps must be sophisticated and intelligent enough to handle role-specific tasks, and they should meet the high levels of interactivity that users expect.

  • Enable responsiveness. 
    Apps need to deliver appropriate content on a variety of platforms and mobile devices.

  • Stay social, stay within context. 
    Apps should connect users directly to their personalized data as well as the world around them, securely and relevantly.


What Kind of Tools Do You Need to Create Customer-Facing Apps?

To deliver information to your customers in their favorite app format, you need an agile and powerful embedded business intelligence (BI) platform that allows you to:  

  • Access and blend diverse data 

  • Manage data and applications

  • Deliver scalable web apps 

Our best-in-class embedded BI and analytics technology allows you to create the customer apps you've been dreaming about. We've got the customer-facing technology side covered so you can focus on keeping your data-driven customers happy, loyal, and informed. 

tools you need to create customer-facing apps

Embedded Development, Simplified

Get the Developer Tools You Need to Create and Deploy World-Class Data-Driven Apps

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