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Embedded Business Intelligence (BI)

Seamlessly Incorporate Live Analytics and Powerful Reporting into Your Data-Driven Apps

Build smarter apps with the smartest embeddable reporting and analytics technology. Integrating Actuate's advanced BI platform inside your application architecture enables you to include analytics as a seamless part of your app's business processes. 

Stay connected to the data that matter most to you. Embedding our BI platform into your application infrastructure makes data-driven apps a reality for your organization. Put BIRT inside: Go from static app data to real-time analytical insights. 

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Why Embed OpenText™ Actuate Information Hub and Not Build Your Own BI Infrastructure?

To build or enhance advanced reporting and analytic functionality for your business apps, you'd have to code for months, if not years. And your business can't afford that time. At OpenText Analytics, we understand that you don't necessarily want to start from scratch or replace your current apps. You just want to modernize them with better analytic capabilities and powerful visual reporting tools.

Enhancing your apps with our embedded BI technology is smarter than building a new reporting and data visualization infrastructure yourself. 


  • Our integrated technology gets your apps to world-class status in days, not months.

  • You can focus on your core business.

  • Your organization can leverage our continually evolving technology and industry expertise.

  • We ensure your success with enterprise-level support, expert consulting, and comprehensive development resources.

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Meet Your Data-Driven App Requirements Today.

And Down the Road.

Our agile embedded reporting technology empowers you to keep up with today's ever-changing BI requirements, as well as future ones you didn't see coming. With OpenText Anlaytics Products, you can create data-driven apps with total confidence, knowing you can adapt them at any time to your growing business needs and customer expectations. 

From back-office transaction systems to operational apps, or even online services for your customers, embedding analytics within your organization's reporting infrastructure gives you the technological edge you need to:

  • Step ahead of the competition with cutting-edge apps that evolve with your company, employees, and customers

  • Provide the best customer experiences possible

  • Deliver data transparency across your organization

  • Make analytics an inseparable part of your business procedures and practices 

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Down the road

Make Analytic Capabilities the New Norm for Your Apps

What happens when you embed BI and analytic functionality into your enterprise applications? Putting iHub inside your applications gives your users:

  • Ad hoc reports and customized views of data

  • Automated, role-based access to information and user permissions for maximum data security 

  • Flexibility and power over how they use and interact with reports and applications

It's no secret that the best companies leverage embedded business intelligence (BI) in their applications as a strategic advantage to understand their data better. When you put iHub inside your apps, analytic functionality becomes an inherent part of the user experience. In other words, integrating analytics within the architecture of your apps eliminates the need for users to log in to a separate set of BI tools to analyze their data.

How does this help your business? While our technology helps streamline your reporting and data analysis, your entire organization will be able to explore data confidently and independently, working with real-time analytics directly in the apps themselves.

Bottom line, your users will gain better insights as they drill deeper into their reports and data visualizations for further analysis and can: 

  • Spot trends at the outset

  • Track user perceptions

  • Analyze customer behavior

  • Optimize operational efficiency

  • Manage resources effectively

  • And more      


What's the impact of making your apps intelligent?

  • Real-time visual alerts and personalized dashboard reports that let you track performance and metrics

  • Recommendations and interactive graphs, charts, tables, widgets, and other non-static data visualizations with drill-through analytic functionality

  • Meet new end user expectations and demands as well as modern market requirements for tailored customer reports with live dynamic data

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incorporate data analytics into your business applications
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