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What is a Customer-Facing Application?

A customer-facing application is a web app that is oriented toward you, the customer, facing you for a specific use or task, intended for your own personal consumption. Chances are you've probably seen and used customer-facing apps already—you just didn't realize it. From personal online banking portals to any variety of web services and E-commerce sites, customer apps allow your clients to access their personal information, reports, usage statements, bills, and analytical data through Internet browsers, rather than traditional standalone desktop applications.

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Data-driven apps: The task-oriented way to meet customer needs. The ubiquity of mobile applications has changed the way we, as consumers, think, work, behave, and manage our lives. We have become data-drive information seekers—we want to know the when, what, why, and how for everything. And we want those answers immediately.

Industry leaders have responded to this new wave of customer expectations and Internet-savvy users by modernizing their static reporting methods and channels. Instead of defaulting to traditional hard copy customer reports and statements, companies use our customer-facing technology to enhance their branded websites and mobile apps. B2B apps for business give organizations the chance to provide unique online customer experiences through secure self-service online portals.

The result? Happy, loyal customers who get to interact directly with their data, whenever and wherever they want. Best of all, everyone gets easy and convenient access to personalized reports and data in their favorite app formats. 

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Data-Driven Apps Drive Customer Engagement

Companies in every industry rely on our embedded reporting technology to create data-driven apps so they can provide the same level of customer service online that they can in person. Ultimately, customer-facing apps have completely redefined how companies interact with their customers, and vice versa.

Whether your goal is to provide better products or services, deliver customer-centric information that your clients need, or build brand loyalty and trust, incorporating OpenText Analytics technology into your application infrastructure will dramatically improve how your business engages with customers at every touch point.

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Data-driven apps drive customer engagement.

Create the Ultimate Brand Experience

Ultimate brand experience.

Customers expect high levels of interactivity from their apps and they prefer direct online access to their account information. With the right components and features, data-driven apps become an extension of your company's brand, and they can help you understand the customer journey better along the way. What should your app do to ensure the best branded customer experience possible? 

  • Inform. Customers pay attention when apps show them trending, real-time data that is helpful and useful for the tasks at hand.

  • Connect. Deliver data, special offers, targeted ads with discounts, and other tailored messages at the right time through your apps to keep your customers connected to your brand for a highly personalized customer experience.

  • Engage. When your apps combine relevant data with contextual use, you can influence customer behavior to drive more participation and deeper engagement. 

Our approach to developing customer-facing applications allows you to deliver the most sophisticated interactive reports with embedded analytics, so you can provide a seamless branded customer experience. How seamless? It's so seamless, your customers won't have to leave your app to open separate BI tools to analyze their data—analytic functionality is automatically integrated into every graph, chart, table, diagram, and data visualization in their reports. 

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