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With calls for innovative change amidst shrinking budgets, government agencies must investigate new ways to reduce spending, decrease inefficiency and increase productivity. While on the one hand the clarion call is to “do more with less,” government IT also feels pressure to “do more with more” – ever more data, that is.

The myriad financial benefits of accessing and analyzing big data created in all facets of government operations have only just begun to be explored. Meanwhile, existing projects must be delivered on time and on budget. Advances in technology and massive increases in available data have the potential to both challenge and transform government mission performance.

Actuate offers Federal developers and end-users unlimited scalability and security across any data and any device, while increasing the efficiency of application development and deployment through the use of the BIRT development environment.

Actuate’s personalized analytics and data visualization capabilities mine large structured and unstructured data sets to deliver real-time actionable insights to government projects.

Actuate's flexible service-delivery models allow you to meet and exceed mission challenges with greater efficiency and effectiveness via Cloud, Software-As-a-Service (SaaS), Mobile computing models and open data initiatives.

Learn more about how Actuate’s product suite can assist your agency with projects such as fraud, abuse and waste detection, program management, financial analysis, strategic planning, information sharing, and increasing visibility within the agency as well as with outside agencies and citizenry, to name a few.

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BIRT has served content to millions of users via the United States Government:

Department of Defense

Department of Defense Agencies


Department of Defense Intelligence Agencies

Civilian Agencies

Civilian Agencies

Associated Federal Integrators

Associated Federal Integrators

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Case study

New York City Transit Authority Transforms Route Performance Using BIRT for Better Data Visualization and More Transparent Information
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Case study

Major Transportation Safety Agency Depends on Actuate to Help Drive Insights, Real-time Response
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Actuate Federal Funding Dashboard Demo
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Data-Driven Experiences and Insights Power the Next Wave of e-Government
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International Government

Transforming Public Sector through Big Data analytics, strategic alignment, enhanced accountability and increased transparency

Is Your Data All Over the Map? Govern it with BIRT.

Government organizations worldwide have turned to Actuate BIRT to analyze and manage the storm of big data that they create and collect. BIRT can be found in such diverse public sector arenas as:

  • Healthcare
  • Citizen programs and welfare
  • Public works, utilities and construction
  • Immigration
  • Personal, corporate and sales tax records
  • Census results
  • Social programs and welfare
  • Natural Resources management

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Actuate for the NHS

Rapid transformation of the National Health Service (NHS) towards a new healthcare procurement model upheld by clinical commissioning groups entailed locating and adopting new analytics solutions that deliver 360 degrees of insight into organizational, clinical and patient data. BIRT gives stakeholders at all levels of the NHS insight by providing intuitive clinical, patient, physician and operational dashboards, scorecards, interactive reports and predictive analytics. With these tools, the NHS can deliver to patients the best and most appropriate care, maximize efficiencies and minimize waste in this changing healthcare environment.

UK Public Sector

Actuate helps users in the central government, local councils, fire and rescue services and criminal justice monitor and analyze program performance, ascertain contributions and assess readiness. Actuate’s analytics applications provide users with intuitive performance dashboards, scorecards and predictive capabilities which allow program managers to link individual programs and overall organizational goals and objectives, while creating alignment, enhancing communication, and facilitating accountability in a transparent environment.

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Police and Security

For officials in the police, security and defense sectors having immediate, accurate information is a priority. Based on data mining and predictive analysis techniques, BIRT Analytics analyzes large volumes of data from different sources in order to make the decision-making process easier and faster. Focused analytics solutions ensure and monitor on time performance for first responders. Users in crime prevention can immediately conduct logical and physical data audits, explore, analyze, and research within the data, and discover hidden relationships. Predictive analytics can also be used to detect facts, interpret patters and anticipate crime.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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Case Study

Flying high: Actuate reporting solution earns its stripes at British Royal Air Force (RAF), as support department tightens its supply chain and adds more value
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Case Study

BIRT Performance Scorecard helps Municipality improve the quality of life in Dubai
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Case Study

NHS South of Tyne and Wear Case Study: The Road to World Class Commissioning
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