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Innovative Solutions for Wealth Management

OpenText™ Actuate Information Hub (iHub) applications for wealth management deliver visual, interactive and relevant insights to investors, regulators, brokers, asset managers and other client-facing employees. These applications give investment firms:

  • Improved customer loyalty with better customer-facing and predictive analytics to anticipate customer behavior and spur investment

  • Clear visibility into operations, supporting regulatory compliance and in turn market confidence

  • The ability to design, process, store and deliver intelligent, personalized customer communications

  • Cutting-edge analytics and timely financial data engage customers and partners

Securities and Wealth Management

BIRT-based portfolio

BIRT-based portfolio management and retirement solutions deliver performance and personalization that exceeds customer expectations. For institutions managing assets for funds, institutions, and high net worth individuals, OpenText™ Analytics offers fast access and analytic capabilities for any data-driven application without the costs and overhead associated with traditional wealth management dashboard software and storage.

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What Does iHub Do for Your Wealth Management Apps?

Wealth and asset management applications built with iHub:

  • Speed development and increase adaptability with flexible open source technology

  • Integrate data from any system and deliver real-time financial data to fund managers and other asset management professionals

  • Market one-to-one using OpenText™ Actuate Big Data Analytics to design custom offers and deliver them via print or online statements

  • Give customers and partners complete interactive control of their account data

By delivering powerful, interactive wealth management applications using iHub, organizations can reduce costs and improve client acquisition, boost customer loyalty, and maintain a competitive advantage.

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