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BIRT iHub Visualization Platform

Based on BIRT, the worlds most popular open source BI and reporting technology, the BIRT iHub Visualization Platform from Actuate allows you to build intuitive, secure, and scalable data visualizations that provide improved brand experiences and personalized analytics for your customers, partners, and employees.

Embedded Data Visualizations with the BIRT iHub JSAPI

The BIRT iHub Visualization Platform provides dashboards, maps, and interactive reports that can be quickly and easily integrated to any web or mobile application via a rich set of integration APIs.

Ad Hoc Reporting with BIRT Studio

BIRT Studio is an ad hoc web reporting tool for business users, powered by the BIRT iHub. With BIRT Studio, users can leverage pre-existing data sources to create fully functional interactive BIRT reports for other users.
A full array of report creation and formatting tools allows BIRT Studio users to gather the information they need into a report, and then save and share it with others.

Actuate Solutions

Actuate allows developers to harness the power of BIRT to help transform the way people interact and use the information that surrounds them to create an array of data-driven customer-facing applications.

BIRT iHub F-Type: An Introduction Tutorial for First-Time Users

The BIRT iHub Visualization Platform enables users to view and modify BIRT reports stored in a central repository called an Encyclopedia volume. Users view and modify content with the BIRT Interactive Viewer. This tutorial introduces the BIRT Sample Application that is pre-installed to the Actuate BIRT F-Type.

What is BIRT iHub F-Type

The BIRT iHub F-Type from Actuate is a FREE full featured deployment environment that allows you to host, secure, schedule and share your BIRT content with other users over the web. It instantly enables interactivity and live Excel export on all BIRT content, and it makes seamless embedding BIRT to your web application quick and painless.