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iHub, Trial Edition

The free way to evaluate our enterprise iHub deployment platform.

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iHub, Trial Edition is yours to evaluate free for 45 days. Accelerate time-to-market for your web and mobile applications with our visual, low code software platform that allows you to embed analytics and reporting functionality quickly, easily, and seamlessly.


Download iHub, Trial Edition  

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Why Use iHub, Trial Edition?

To build a better application deployment server than iHub, Trial Edition, you would have to code for months, if not years and years. And you don't want to do that, do you?

At OpenText™ Analytics, we engineered an enterprise-ready platform for embedding analytics and real-time reporting metrics into your applications so you wouldn't have to. Why? We love embedded analytics technology so much that we want everyone to experience the revolutionary power of adding contextual data analysis and live data visualizations into any application. iHub removes the burden of building the reporting and analytics infrastructure components by hand so you can focus on your core application and your business goals.

Bottom line, you want applications that allow access to the right data at the right times. Now, every business from any industry can manage and control data better. Our innovative data visualization and embedded analytics technologies make it simple for you to deliver the right information to the right people, when and where they want it, no matter which device they use.

Build Data-Driven Visualizations, Dashboards, and Reports
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iHub, Trial Edition accelerates developer productivity, so you can publish your applications faster than ever before!

Java-Based Reporting and Analytics Applications,
the Way They Were Meant to Be

You can use iHub, Free Edition

Get Hooked on Data-Driven Applications

Got code? We've got you covered. With iHub, Trial Edition, you get exclusive access to awesome sample apps, interactive dashboards, dynamic report templates, and best practice designs for building applications, so you can quickly turn your dream app into tomorrow's reality.

Creating applications with real-time data analytics built right in has never been this good—or this simple.

iHub, Trial Edition gives you the tech boost you need to build next-generation data-driven apps—the right way!

  • Interactivity where your users expect it

  • Scalability when your apps demand it

  • Embedded analytics for real-time, contextual insights

  • Dynamic graphical data for visual exploration of complex data sets

  • Personalized reports for all your users

  • Platform-independent technology for an author-once, publish-to-any-device experience

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Embedded Analytics in Mobile Applications

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iHub Technical Summary of New Features

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Your app with built-in data analytics at your command.

Who Can Use iHub, Trial Edition?

Developers can use iHub Trial Edition

Your IT team will enjoy using the iHub, Trial Edition for creating data-driven apps with embedded analytics and personalized reports. It's built to be intuitive and easy to use so you don't have to spend countless hours manually coding.

Enterprises can use iHub Trial Edition

Large enterprises can also leverage iHub, Trial Edition to test drive and evaluate our data visualization and reporting technology for integrating analytic functionality into their customer-facing apps before launching them at full scale.

iHub, Trial Edition Gives You More to Love

  • Data security for data modeling allows you to define role-based security rules at the row and column levels for the BIRT linked data models.

  • Create personalized dashboards with gadgets, maps, selectors, and more—all with reduced response times and smaller memory footprints!

  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) Installer for low code, visual approach.

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop environment makes it easy to use items from gadgets and dashboard galleries.

  • Comparison calculation in the Interactive Crosstab enables you to compare metrics across different data sets.

  • Multi-value filters in Analytics Studio.

  • Report document compression helps save hard disk space, with average compression rates of 60 - 90 percent.

You can use iHub, Trial Edition

Ready to discover what embedded analytics and real-time insights can do for your applications? Get started by downloading the iHub, Free Edition and the Analytics Designer, the free companion report design tool. 

Accelerate Developer Productivity, Speed Time-to-Market

Automates self-service content, Enables end users to customize their own content, Provides native Excel export with preserved live formulas and pivot tables, Integrates reports and analytics seamlessly and quickly into web or mobile applications

Free BIRT iHub Training

Want to get the most out of iHub, Trial Edition?

We'll show you how iHub technology instantly brings contextual insights to your apps with embedded analytics, dynamic data visualizations, personalized dashboards, and more.

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Test Out Your Next-Gen Apps with iHub, Trial Edition

  • Seeing Is Believing. Take iHub, Trial Edition for a test spin for 45 days to see for yourself what embedded analytics and data visualization technology can do for your reports and applications. No activation process required, no key codes to enter. Just download and go!

  • Experience Analytic Reporting Perfection. Deliver apps that amaze. Jump in and play with iHub’s powerful features like Analytics Studio for ad hoc reporting, Interactive Viewer, Dashboards, clustering, multitenancy, and more!  

  • Unlimited Data-In and Data-Out. Enjoy unlimited data input and output with our ready-to-use application deployment server. Access and manage all your data from multiple data sources, and publish as many dashboards, reports, and data visualizations as you’d like! No work unit or CPU restriction.

  • Seamless Upgrade. At the end of your trial evaluation period, simply contact us to discuss your specific requirements and needs. We’ll send you a unique license file key for you to enter, and the iHub, Trial Edition will upgrade immediately to the commercial iHub product, with all your work and projects preserved. You’ll gain access to additional enterprise features like Metrics Management, System Console, and other optional add-ons.