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Flexible Data Integration

Integrate Disparate Data and Prepare It for Any Analytic Purpose

Data integration is extremely flexible

Data integration is extremely flexible and non-prescriptive. The software does not dictate how an organization chooses to integrate its data; the platform simply facilitates it. Unlike other platforms, all of the features below can be selectively used and deployed as needed.

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Open Data Access (ODA)

Open Data Access

Open Data Access (ODA) BIRT and iHub use the Eclipse Open Data Access framework for accessing data. OpenText™ Analytics offers a number of commercially supported ODA connectors within iHub. These include:

  • Commercial JDBC connectors

  • Big data support with Hadoop™ data access connector (via Hive environment) to Cloudera, Hortonworks and Pivotal-based Hadoop distributions.

  • and

  • BIRT, e.Report and X2BIRT-based report documents

  • Support for Postgres, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2

  • Partner-designed connectors for SAP BW and SAP ECC by Yash Technologies

  • Any additional source via custom-created or open source ODA

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BIRT Information Objects Metadata

BIRT Information Objects metadata allow developers to virtually federate and simplify corporate data structures hierarchically. This is useful when data sources are accessed on a regular basis by many users, departments or ad-hoc query users in order to centralize management, ease access and secure information.

BIRT Data Objects

BIRT Data Objects are in-memory datasets constructed from disparate enterprise data sources, including directly accessed assets and/or metadata. These multidimensional datasets are generated and stored by iHub and can be used for a variety of self-service functions including cross-tab powered analysis, dimensional drill-through in dashboards or as cached aggregate data for predictive analytics.

Metrics Management Engine

Metrics Management Engine powers the KPI data within many OpenText™ Actuate Metrics Management gadgets, including the briefing book and KPI hierarchy viewer.

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