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Ideal for technology vendors, OpenText™ Actuate Information Hub is an integrator’s dream. Not only can BIRT quickly transform application data into compelling visualizations, it can just as easily integrate invisibly into any IT infrastructure and take on the branding, look and feel, security model and architecture of the main application.

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  • Security integration including both authentication and authorization rules without replicating user data

  • Portal integration so that BIRT content can invisibly take on the look and feel of not only the host vendor, but also any subsequent looks required by a vendor in order to offer white-labeling and branding to their customers

  • Data access integration including a web services API to access any real-time data as well as the Open Data Access framework which enables connection to any unusual data

  • Data integration including integrating disparate data sources within a design, within the iHub metadata layer and within BIRT Data Objects

  • Content integration using the iHub’s JavaScript API, which can place pre-built BIRT content in any web page

  • Viewer integration which allows Interactive Viewer to be customized to offer only specific features to end users

  • Usage logging and integration to understand which content is popular, or which users are active, ideal for charge-back tracking

  • iHub instruction integration via the Information Delivery API (IDAPI), which offers nearly entire access to the internal functions of the iHub including report execution, scheduling, user management, event handling and other administrative functions

  • Mobile integration to allow any BIRT content to be offered to tablet and device users

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