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Unapologetically Modern. Unapologetically Easy. Unapologetically Free.

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Who says you can't have it all? Free yourself from traditional static reporting—without dropping a cent. 


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Why Use OpenText™ Actuate Information Hub, Free Edition?

To build a better report server than iHub, Free Edition, you would have to code for months, if not years.

And you don't want to do that, do you?

At OpenText™ Analytics, we did all the coding already so you wouldn't have to. Why? Our passion for supporting the brilliant community of over 3.5 million open source BIRT developers worldwide inspired us to offer an iHub, Free Edition to remove the IT burden of building infrastructure components by hand. On top of that, we love BIRT technology so much that we wanted to share this Free Reporting Server with everyone. That's right. Free. To. Use. For anyone.

We know how important it is to be able to access the right data at the right times. Now, every business—large, medium, or even small startups—can manage and control data better. Our innovative embedded BI and analytics technology makes it simple for you to deliver the right information to the right people, when and where they want it, no matter which device they use.

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iHub, Free Edition accelerates developer productivity, freeing up time for other things...

Java-Based Reporting, the Way It Was Meant to Be

You can use iHub, Free Edition

Get Hooked on Data-Driven Applications

Ready to save time? Want to turn your fantasy app into tomorrow's reality? 

Free reporting has never been this good—or this easy.

OpenText Analytics gives you the tech boost you need to build the next big data-driven app—quickly and affordably—with iHub, Free Edition.

  • Interactivity where your users expect it

  • Scalability when your apps demand it

  • Embedded analytics for real-time insights

  • Dynamic graphical data for visual exploration of complex data sets

  • Personalized reports for all your users

  • Platform-independent technology for an author once, publish to any device experience

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5 Best Practices for Designing Data-Driven Apps

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Who Can Use iHub, Free Edition?

Developers can use BIRT iHub F-Type

The iHub, Free Edition is OpenText’s commercial-grade reporting server for developers creating small-scale or department-level data-driven apps with embedded reports and analytics.

Enterprises can use BIRT iHub F-Type

Large enterprises can also leverage iHub, Free Edition to test drive and evaluate OpenText’s data visualization and reporting technology for integrating analytic functionality into their customer-facing apps before launching them at a bigger scale.

You can use iHub, Free Edition

Ready to discover what free reporting feels like? 

Accelerate Developer Productivity

Automates self-service content, Enables end users to customize their own content, Provides native Excel export with preserved live formulas and pivot tables, Integrates reports and analytics seamlessly and quickly into web or mobile applications

Free BIRT iHub F-Type Training

Want to get the most out of iHub, Free Edition?

We'll show you how iHub, Free Edition instantly brings intelligence to your apps with embedded analytics, dynamic data visualizations, personalized dashboards, and more.

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Build the Next Big App with iHub, Free Edition

Enterprise-Grade Free Server, 15 Minutes to Value,  Unlimited Data-In, Easy subscription upgrades that fit your needs

iHub, Free Edition is the no risk option