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OpenText™ Actuate Information Hub (Formerly BIRT iHub Visualization Platform)

Deliver Data-Driven Apps with Embedded Analytics and Personalized Insights for Everyone in Your Organization 

Create, Integrate, Manage, Deploy. OpenText Actuate Information Hub (iHub) is a web-based embedded business intelligence (BI) platform and data management system that blends seamlessly into your enterprise infrastructure to handle your data analytics, ad hoc reports, customer-facing applications, report statements, data visualizations, and more. Now you can transform complex data into advanced visualizations with embedded analytics so your users can understand what's going on beneath the surface of their data.

Differentiate Your Apps with Real-Time Insights. Build powerful data-driven apps, dashboards, personalized report statements, and interactive visualizations with live data, unparalleled security, and infinite scalability. 

  • Learn more about how OpenText Analytics' embedded reporting and analytics technology dramatically improves your enterprise applications, giving your organization the ultimate competitive advantage.

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Make Data Easier to Understand, for Everyone—IT, Managers, Employees, Partners, and Customers

Share Stunning Graphical Visualizations—with Millions of Rows of Data at Your Fingertips

Tired of static reports and applications that fail to live up your expectations? Worried about data security? Want to manage all your business information better?

At OpenText Analytics, we understand that not every business is the same and not all data solutions are the same. But everyone wants easy access to their data so they can work with it when and how they want to. This is where Actuate can help you with your unique data requirements. We offer companies of all sizes the most powerful and flexible embedded BI and analytics technology to simplify the entire data discovery process. Completely customized to your needs, iHub brings intelligence to your applications with the smartest embedded analytics and data visualization technology, designed to keep everyone in your organization connected to the data that matters most to them today—and down the road. 

Explore Your Data the Way You've Always Wanted To

BIRT Dashboards


Designed with an intuitive user interface, our dashboards are easily personalized and shared.

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BIRT Studio Ad Hoc Reports

OpenText™ Analytics Studio

Efficiently assemble template-based reports for personalized business insights.

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Performance Management, at Its Best

Rock-Solid Performance, Razor-Sharp Precision, Unimaginable Insights

Ready to streamline your enterprise reporting? See the difference iHub makes.

iHub enables you to build data-driven apps that keep you securely connected to the right information, for the right analytics and insights, at the right time to help dramatically improve your business performance across all departments and channels. With iHub Dashboards that summarize your key business metrics, you can monitor your entire organization to reduce risks, spot failures and successes, and discover actionable insights to make the best business decisions possible.

End Users:

  • Enjoy interactive features through simple, intuitive user interface.

  • Build, modify, and share customized analytical dashboards.

  • Deploy content conveniently to browsers, mobile devices, and printers from a single desktop application.

  • Export reports with preserved live formulas to Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.


  • Spend more time on functions that users value (like KPIs) and less time on maintaining BI infrastructure.

  • Appreciate the application auto-scale feature as well as the application data security.

  • Create applications that are engaging and interactive for end users with an intuitive user interface.

BIRT iceberg

OpenText Actuate Information Hub Technical Summary of New Features

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OpenText Actuate Information Hub White Paper: Testing Throughput, Scalability and Stability

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Deploying BIRT: Three Ways to add BIRT Functionality Into Your Project

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Quick Start Guide

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iHub Works Hard, So You Don't Have To

More Data Tucked into Every Report, Every Visualization, Every Application

Our embedded BI technology helps keep your entire organization connected to accurate, contextual, personalized information with powerful data-driven apps. With iHub, you can deliver unique customer experiences with every application, every report, every data visualization, every click. Now you can go beyond boring boilerplate reports and spreadsheets and give everyone the V.I.P. data experience they've been dreaming about—with web apps that stay in sync with every user, no matter where they are, no matter which device they're on.

What else can iHub do for you?


BIRT Visualizations

Our visual and interactive approach to dashboards empowers you with performance monitoring tools that capture and display the specific data points you need—all blended together in perfect graphical snapshots.

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Data Access

Data Access

There are a variety of data processing services available within iHub to integrate disparate data and prepare it for any analytic purpose.

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API Integration

API Integration

Not only can iHub quickly transform application data into compelling visualizations, it can just as easily integrate seamlessly into any IT infrastructure and take on the branding, look and feel, security model, and architecture of the main application.

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free developer forum

Developer Resources

Questions? We're here to help. Send us a message today or visit our free developer forum to ask questions and learn the latest tricks and tips for getting the most out of iHub.

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