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The Leading Open Source Reporting Software with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting Applications and Data Visualizations

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Open Source Business Intelligence (BI) Movement

In an effort to find an easier and faster way to design and deliver reports with seamless data integration, Actuate helped kick start the open source business intelligence (bi) movement with open source reporting software. Known as the open source Eclipse BIRT Project, Actuate founded and co-leads open source BIRT, which is used by over three million developers worldwide. BIRT has been driving the open source business intelligence movement since its open software code can be downloaded free for anyone to use. With over twelve million downloads, abundant resources, and a supportive community of brilliant developers around the world, BIRT has become the standard in open source business intelligence (BI) tools.

Download BIRT open source reporting software and see why more than three million developers worldwide use this powerful reporting tool to build embedded applications and business reports with data visualizations for personalized end user experiences.

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What Is Open Source Software?

Open source software is computer software that allows its source code to be made publicly available or open for anyone to use for any objective. Thus, any person can view, learn, apply, alter, and circulate the source code without having to worry about violating the normal copyright restrictions of protected or licensed software. With little to no copyright limitations, open source software encourages user-generated content to be developed in a public, collaborative effort. The notion of unrestricted sharing has been adopted by open source software in order to ensure perpetual access to all resulting or derivative creations.

Eclipse BIRT Open Source Reporting Tool

The original purpose for cultivating Eclipse BIRT open source reporting software was to help developers obtain the resources to design and integrate business reports into applications more easily (think user-friendly tools!). With BIRT Designer, developers quickly and simply embed information into their applications for data visualization functionality and business intelligence reporting capability. With intuitive drag-and-drop features for designing reports and charting data in exquisite graphical visualizations, BIRT Designer equips developers with everything necessary to complete application designs efficiently. The integrated development environment (IDE) of BIRT Designer simplifies the process of busines intelligence (BI) report creation by providing the following:

  • Access to multiple data sources

  • Power to transform, integrate, and apply business-specific logic to data

  • Tools to secure, filter, format, and present dynamic reports to end users

Monthly summary report design created by BIRT Designer Open Source Reporting Software.

Monthly summary report design created by BIRT Designer open source reporting software.

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Got BIRT Envy?
The BIRT Challenge: BIRT Developer vs. Java Coder

Give Developers the Embedded BI Reporting Tools They Need to Create
Interactive, Dynamic Analytics Reports, and Applications

Always use BIRT: you'll have time to drink java, instead of coding it.

Say "hello" to open source reporting with BIRT and wave "goodbye" to Java coding from scratch! Power up with embedded reporting with BIRT—save time and effort designing information-driven, customer-facing applications and still enjoy a life outside of work.

In this "docudrama," Actuate brings you a "Public Service Announcement: A Cautionary Tale of Coding Gone Wrong." Two enterprise developers creating mission-critical applications go head-to-head: Bob, the developer using BIRT Designer vs. Larry, the Java coder who insists on hand coding.

Who will reign supreme?

BIRT Open Source Embedded Reporting Software

    • Familiar and Easy Eclipse-Based IDE

      BIRT Designer can be installed as full Eclipse environment or as a plug-in to a pre-existing Eclipse installation.

    • Extensible Data Access

      Actuate provided the Open Data Access (ODA) framework for the Eclipse Data Tools Project to ensure that the uniform industry standard for open source software development included extensible methods for defining and accessing data sources. The ODA allows developers to write custom data drivers to access data from any source, including data stored in proprietary systems.

    • Data Integration From Multiple Sources

      BIRT Designer includes wizards that make setting up access to data from multiple sources effortless and quick. Enterprise business reports can then integrate information from various data sources, including Apache Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB, XML, Flat files, Hive, JDBC, POJO, Excel, Web services, and more.

    • Highly Programmable

      All BIRT content is highly programmable and can be extended or enhanced with Java and JavaScript

    • Flexible Design and Presentation

      With an easy drag-and-drop user interface, developers can quickly create the applications their clients require. Developers have the flexibility to present different views of the same data in textual and graphical formats to highlight and reinforce key pieces of information.

    • Component Libraries

      For improved application management, developers can save and reuse designs as well as design elements for future projects in component libraries.

    • Easy Integration

      Built for embedding, BIRT Designer includes application programming interfaces (APIs) for data access, chart generation, output formats, content execution, and integration within larger applications.

Open Source Reporting with BIRT Technology
Simply Designs Better End User Reports

Simply better reports with BIRT

Stuck in the same old business reporting rut? Need a simpler way to create a business intelligence (bi) report for your end users? Just BIRT it! The best way to understand what BIRT Designer can do for your report designs is to see it in action. The below two-part video demo guides you step-by-step through the following tasks with a brief introductory overview of how BIRT Designer helps create more engaging end user (bi) reports:

  • Add data sources and create data sets

  • Create grids, charts, and tables

  • Use aggregation elements

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