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OpenText™ Actuate Analytics Designers

OpenText Actuate Analytics Designers (formerly BIRT Designers) reporting software allows developers to take information from one or more data sources and design interactive applications and dynamic business reports for personalized insights. 

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BIRT Reporting software enables users to present data in graphical visualizations.

OpenText Analytics' embedded reporting software and end user reporting tools create collaborative and personalized user experiences for developers designing dynamic reports and business users running ad hoc reports.

What kind of reporting software do you need?

BIRT Designer

BIRT Designer

Powerful and Free-Form Reporting Software (Open Source integrated development environment). Read More...

BIRT Designer Pro

OpenText™ Actuate Analytics Designer (Formerly BIRT Designer Pro)

Advanced, Enterprise-Level Reporting and Information Application Designer (Enhanced features for interactive applications and business reports). Read More...

BIRT Studio

OpenText™ Analytics Studio (Formerly BIRT Studio)

Self-Service ad hoc reporting & data visualization tool for non-technical business users (Easy-to-use end user reporting tools). Read More...

What is reporting software?

Reporting software allows people to create reports (i.e., operational reports, management reports, financial summary reports, customer reports, ad hoc reports, etc.) from a variety of data sources that can be easily read and understood. Otherwise, raw data is rather indecipherable for human eyes. Business reporting software helps employees make better sense of their data sets by turning them into visual analytics reports that highlight key pieces of information. Using reporting software is not just about retrieving data from different sources; it’s also about presenting that data in intelligible and organized business reports for human analysis.

Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting Tools help developers design data visualizations for dashboards.

OpenText Actuate Analytics Designer enables developers to design customized
data visualizations for client dashboards.

Business (BI) Reporting Tools for Applications

Business (BI) reporting tools are generally used to help support decision-making processes and improve the success of a company. As a means to measure the performance of an organization, modern business reporting needs to incorporate a more collaborative user experience for developers, report writers, and end users all interacting with the reports at different stages. Business reporting software helps organizations monitor their data by revealing data correlations and patterns to detect trends and root causes of issues or problems. However, producing formal business reports can be a complex and time-consuming process with IT, which is not an effective everyday business solution. OpenText Analytics offers embedded reporting software solutions that invite all users—from developers designing the applications to the business users running end user reports to the customers receiving them—to actively engage with their data through reports and visualizations to get more personalized insights.

Example dashboard from our BIRT Designer reporting software.

OpenText Actuate Analytics Designer allows developers to build dynamic reports and interactive data visualizations.

Embedded Reporting Software Delivers Dynamic Reports for Personalized User Experiences

In addition to open source business intelligence (BI) reporting software, OpenText Analytics also offers professional reporting tools for enhanced report creation as well as an ad hoc reporting application featured in OpenText Actuate Information Hub for end user reporting. OpenText Analytics' report designers provide user-friendly tools for pulling information from multiple big data sources and presenting that information to end users in dynamic reports. With a Web-based design and delivery metaphor, OpenText Actuate Analytics Designer uses a grid-table-cell-based layout and cascading style sheets that make it intuitive and simple to use. The drag-and-drop user interface and report templates eliminate the need for developers to maintain the software code by hand and is thus much easier to use straight from the get-go.

As an ideal development environment for building information applications, Analytics Designer helps developers design and embed business intelligence reports, graphical data visualizations, mashups, and customized end user dashboards with personalized business analytics. OpenText Analytics' embedded reporting tools allow users to generate business reports from pre-existing templates and build customer-facing applications for clients seeking personalized insights—insights from personally selected information and report configurations that display specific answers to their questions. Developers can deliver business reports more quickly to end users, so they can interact with the data and analyze the results to make better informed business decisions. OpenText Analytics' embedded reporting software goes beyond the traditional reporting processes, refashioning static reports to deliver highly interactive web 2.0 reports for more personalized user experiences for everyone.

BIRT Designer

Open Source Reporting Software with a World-Class Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

BIRT Designer Reporting software generates data charts for business reports.

Design Business Reports with Multi-Source Data Integration
Easily integrate data from multiple data sources within a business report or an information application design. Data sources include Apache Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB, and other big data sources, along with all traditional relational databases, Flat Files, and XML data streams.

Present Dynamic Reports within a Flexible Design
The integrated development environment (IDE) is intuitive and user-friendly with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Let IT, report writers, and Java Developers create templates and rich information application (RIA) content that can be hosted and accessed within the BIRT iHub by any user.

Embed Within Your Applications
Intended for embedding, BIRT includes a very powerful API for data access, chart generation, and output formats. This feature also facilitates content execution and placement within larger applications.

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OpenText Analytics Designer

Professional Embedded Reporting Tools for Building
Customer-Facing Applications and Interactive Business Reports

BIRT Designer Professional reporting tools help developers create interactive dashboards.

Enterprise Reporting Software with Modern Web 2.0 Design
for Better User Experience

OpenText Analytics' reporting software enhances the features of open source BIRT Designer and is the ideal development platform for developers who want to build information applications rich in interactivity and business reports with expressive data charts integrated with JavaScript and hundreds of HTML5 visualizations. The Web 2.0 interface improves user experience by transforming traditional static business reports into a progressive, interactive, and collaborative reporting process for developers and end users. Users can see data calculations evolve as they interact with the graphs and charts to find answers to their business questions. Powerful data integration and caching technology enable developers to create the most amazing, visually engaging customer-facing applications, mashups, and dashboards imaginable.

Helpful user-friendly features reduce the learning curve:

  • Task-oriented dialogs

  • Expression builders

  • Extensive help system

  • Simple-to-learn development environment

  • Task wizards

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OpenText Analytics Studio

Ad Hoc Web Reporting Application

BIRT Studio enables ad hoc reporting for end user business reporting.

Interactive End User Reporting Tools
As an integrated feature of OpenText Actuate Information Hub, Analytics Studio significantly improves end user experience by allowing business users to create ad hoc reports or instant reports without IT help. This interactive, web-based business intelligence (BI) reporting tool enables everyday business users with practically zero training to delve immediately into ad hoc reporting for personalized insights.

Self-Service Ad Hoc Reporting for Business Intelligence When You Need It
By accessing pre-existing report templates and populating new reports with data from pre-selected sources, end users can personalize the presentation of the information in their business reports and drill down deeper to uncover buried business intelligence within their massive volumes of data. Equipped with a full array of progressive report creation and formatting tools, end users enjoy the convenience of being able to import whatever data they want into reports, save them, return at a later time to modify them, and share them with others through iHub. OpenText Analytics' ad hoc reporting tools save time and resources by letting business users find answers to their questions by themselves without long and tedious reporting cycles with IT.

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