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OpenText™ Actuate Information Hub Licensing, Perfectly Suited for Startups

Every startup has to start somewhere. You have ideas. And we'll help them flourish.

Every startup has to start somewhere. You have new ideas.
And we have the OEM solutions to help your startup grow.

At OpenText, we understand that startups need all the resources and help they can get. You have brilliant ideas, big dreams for innovative products, and visions of new apps. Now what? It’s easy to start your own company. It’s not easy staying in business: money is tight; costs must be kept low; resources are scarce; headcount is kept at a bare minimum.

Face it. Startups are up against fierce challenges.

To build a successful new business, entrepreneurs need more than just brilliant ideas. They need resources to optimize their startup.

  • Money. Funding to get the business going

  • Tools. Technology to turn ideas into reality

  • Help. A strong team of visionary, talented employees

  • Clients. Customers who need your product or services

Ready to accelerate your success?
We have solutions that fit every startup, with special iHub licensing based on the size of your company. Starting at just $10,000/year for software startups with 10 employees or fewer, you can now harness the full power of unlimited BIRT visualizations in your apps.

Borrow OpenText™ Analytics Technology, Become a Tour de Force 

Make Your App Stand Out and Start Generating Revenue Ahead of Schedule

How do new businesses succeed with limited resources? Operating with lean teams and lean budgets means that entrepreneurs need to be extremely resourceful and make the most of every business tool they use.

Why waste months or even years coding your own embedded intelligence and analytics platform when you can start developing apps immediately with iHub technology instead? 

Stretch Your Resources. We provide the ideal OEM solutions for your data-driven application needs. Our open source development tools and trial report server, iHub, Trial Edition, are perfectly suited for new companies. At zero cost to you, iHub, Trial Edition gives you the head start you need to create your own branded data-driven apps for your customers.

Learn More about Embedded BI
The next innovative app is just waiting to be born. Make it thrive with embedded analytics.

The next innovative app is just waiting to be born.
iHub makes it thrive with embedded analytics.

What can iHub do for your applications?
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Top 12 Reasons to Integrate BIRT in Your Applications
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Do More, with Less

Get the Technological Edge You Need to Survive in Today’s Hypercompetitive Market

Stay One Step Ahead. If you’ve got the vision for the next viral app, we’ve got the OEM solution to make it a reality. We offer startups the most efficient way to take their apps to the next level with interactive reporting and best-in-class embedded analytics. Completely free to use, iHub, Trial Edition is the best solution for startups looking to test out their applications before releasing them on the market.

Download iHub, Trial Edition

Startups can start building their dream apps today and save money with our OEM solution.

Startups can save money on development costs and start building their dream apps today to deliver competitive products in less time.

5 Best Practices for Designing Data-Driven Apps
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Top Tips for Designing High-Performance BIRT Content
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One OEM Solution, Two Startup Victories

Optimize Your New Business

Optimize Your Business

Data-Driven Apps for In-House Reporting

Reduce Risks. Let data guide your business decisions, not opinions. iHub, Trial Edition enables you to create data-driven applications with embedded analytics and interactive data visualizations for your in-house reporting needs. You’ll get the real-time data insights necessary to monitor the performance of your startup, so you can improve your products and services along the way.

Learn more about iHub, Trial Edition

Keep Your Customers Happy 

Differentiate your dream

Differentiate your dream app and bring it to market in record time.

Focus on Your Customer Needs, Not Technology. Deliver data-driven apps to your customers without spending months creating your own embedded BI and analytics infrastructure. When you embed iHub, you instantly enhance your apps and reports with the built-in analytic support everyone wants. The result? Loyal and engaged customers who'll continue to support your business.

Learn More about Customer-Facing Apps 

Future-Proof Your Apps

We Give Your Startup Team the Must-Have Technology for Simple, Quick, and Cost-Effective App Development

Startups need all the help they can get. Sometimes finding that missing piece is what makes all the difference. iHub gets you where you want to go. We'll show you how.

Startups need all the help they can get. iHub integrates seamlessly to give your app the analytic functionality you've been looking for. We'll show you how.

No Risk. We invite you to use iHub, Trial Edition to test out your data-driven applications and internal reports for your entrepreneurial team. Or, use it to build the most incredible mobile applications for your customers. The possibilities are endless with our flexible embedded reporting tools

  • Interactive Data. HTML5 data visualization technology lets you embed explorable charts, tables, graphs, maps, gauges, meters, and diagrams directly into your web apps so your users can zoom in and out of data for further analysis.

  • Apps, Your Way. Flexible programming with extensible JavaScript APIs let you control how your app behaves. If you can envision it, iHub can make it happen. Voice commands? No problem. Integrated widgets? Piece of cake. Accessing multiple data sources? A breeze.


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iHub, Trial Edition

iHub, Free Edition

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OpenText Analytics OEM solutions give you the embedded technology you need to grow your startup business.
And we’re here to support you along the way.

We ranked #1 of 24 vendors in the Dresner Embedded BI 2014 Market Study

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