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OEM Solutions for SaaS Vendors

Bring the Value of iHub to Your Brand

For SaaS application providers who are just about (but not quite) satisfied with their own products—and can't figure out what's missing...

We've got two words for you: embed iHub.

Why embed iHub?

The best SaaS providers rely on OpenText™ Actuate Information Hub (iHub)for embedded analytics and data visualization toolsso they can add interactive reports, personalized dashboards, and analytics seamlessly into their applications. 

  • Dynamic Data Visualizations. Deliver rich graphical data that users can zoom into for further analysis.

  • Interactive Reporting. Engage your users with contextual data that's easy to understand and explore for real-time insights.

  • Increase Adoption. Create apps that allow tasks and analytics to occur in one place—something your customers can't live without.

  • White Labeling. Integrate and rebrand seamlessly to retain the look and feel of your application's interface.

  • Personalized Dashboards. Customize analytical dashboards for each user to create the best customer experiences.

If you're looking for high-performance reporting technology to enhance your SaaS offerings, iHub integrates into any third-party app so you can build data-driven applications with the analytic capabilities you've been missing.

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Do Your Apps Need a Boost?

Break the Rules of Traditional Static Reporting and Deliver Smarter Applications with iHub—In Less Time

Because, sometimes, it just makes sense to borrow from the best

Because, sometimes, it just makes sense to borrow from the best.

Our embedded BI and analytics platform enables SaaS companies to create smart data-driven software applications their customers need and demand. Leading SaaS companies know that graphical reports, dashboards, and integrated analytics are the most visible and impactful aspect of any software application.

However, traditional reporting and visualization tools are often too difficult to use and can only deliver boilerplate static reports and uninspiring dashboards that are not customizable. This can result in terrible user experiences and lower user adoption rates.

SaaS development teams face many challenges designing apps that meet customer expectations because their core products often lack the sophisticated visualization and reporting technology required for integrating analytics into data-driven applications.

Apps That Do More. By partnering with us, SaaS companies can immediately expand the functionality of their existing packaged software and SaaS applications. Embedding iHub allows them to add powerful visualization, analytics, and reporting capabilities into their own branded products.

Improve Brand Experience. iHub blends flawlessly into any SaaS application, so you can develop new products with our platform and rebrand it as your own. Many leading companies across all industries have embedded iHub into their own SaaS applications to gain a tremendous competitive edge in their market.

Bottom line, we love iHub and we're confident you'll love what it can do for your apps. But, don't just take our word for it. Check out our customer success stories to see what OpenText Analytics can do for your company.

Make Your SaaS Apps Intelligent. Seamlessly. Instantly. Easily.

Let Your Customers Drill into Data for Deeper Analysis...When, How, and Where They Want To

Let your customers drill into data

With iHub, SaaS companies can make their applications smarter without spending time and resources developing their own BI and analytics infrastructure. Our technology will redefine how your customers visualize and analyze data in your applications. As a value-added component of your product, iHub gives you:

  • A powerful, secure, and embedded BI platform that scales to unlimited users as your business grows

  • Easy-to-use data visualization tools that present real-time graphical summaries of your information

  • Fully interactive and intuitive applications with customized reports, animated visualizations, and analytical dashboards for real-time insights

Got iHub?

Interactivity Where Your Users Expect It, Scalability When Your Applications Require It

Over 3.5 million developers have used BIRT to build applications that deliver personalized analytics and insights for over 200 million people worldwide. Embedding iHub gives SaaS companies a reliable, secure, robust BI platform for building data-driven apps with embedded analytics reports, dynamic data visualizations, and personalized dashboards. The iHub platform includes elastic clustering and flexible licensing for cloud deployment. The administrative and management capabilities ensure that deployment is easy for SaaS, PaaS (platform as a service), and on-premise multitenancy or multidepartment systems.

Who can benefit from embedding iHub?

Because iHub is not an industry-specific or platform-specific technology, it is extremely flexible and can be incorporated quickly and easily into any SaaS product for a wide variety of business needs.

What is iHub?

iHub is the commercial platform for all BIRT-based content. The out-of-the-box data visualization platform and deployment server removes the burden on developers to manually build infrastructure components, and automatically enriches content for end users with interactivity and personalization.

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Deliver Interactive Applications to Empower
Your Customers with Agile BI

According to TDWI, "Agile business intelligence addresses a broad need to enable flexibility by accelerating the time it takes to deliver value with BI projects. It can include technology deployment options such as self-service BI, cloud-based BI, and data discovery dashboards that allow users to begin working with data more rapidly and adjust to changing needs."

OEM companies and ISVs (independent software vendors) are responding to the increasing demand for data-driven technologies that incorporate agile business intelligence. Implementing OpenText Analytics products within your cloud or SaaS offerings allows you to create powerful customer-facing apps that consumers demand and have come to expect, while still preserving the original look and feel of your software.

  • Provide an intuitive and interactive user interface with applications that are easy to use without any guesswork or technical training!

  • Enable customers to personalize content and access data anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device.

Deliver interactive applications to empower customers

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