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Lower the Total Cost of Ownership and Accelerate Your Time-to-Market

Leading OEM appliance vendors know that users are getting smarter...
Isn't it time your appliances were too? 

Want to provide more value to your customers by making your applications intelligent? Becoming an OEM partner enables you to incorporate analytics seamlessly into your appliance applications with OpenText™ Actuate Information Hub (formerly BIRT iHub), the industry-leading embedded business intelligence and analytics platform. By embedding iHub, you can turn your applications into a complete OEM appliance and give your customers what they've been asking for: data-driven applications with embedded analytics that allow action and analysis to occur in one place.  

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Build your branded appliance with an OpenText™ Analytics OEM partnership.

Actuate Professional Services

Professional Services

We're here to help with OEM solutions for your appliance applications. We offer professional services to get you started with iHub and ensure your success.


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Why Embed iHub?

Adopting iHub Gives OEMs Integrated Solutions that Immediately Enhance
and Modernize the Reporting Functionality of Appliance Applications

As technology continually evolves, users have been getting smarter and more demanding. They expect their appliance applications to provide intelligent, interactive data reports. Customers want to zoom in and out of data visualizations to examine and analyze the underlying data to find answers to their questions.

In order to monitor vital information about the status, usage, health, and vulnerabilities of technology appliances, users rely on two key components for analysis: reports and dashboards. As modern appliances for storage, networks, security, hardware, and software become more complex, high-networked, and data-driven, they require more than just static, canned reports to meet the needs and expectations of users.

However, most appliance companies are often unable to develop sophisticated embedded reporting solutions and visualization tools on their own without incurring high costs and delaying their product's time-to-market. To save time and resources, they partner with third-party vendors, like OpenText Analytics, for embedded BI and reporting technology to integrate into their branded products.

Computer Server Appliance
Analyze and manage your network appliance with OpenText Analytics OEM solutions.

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We ranked #1 of 24 vendors in the Dresner Embedded BI 2014 Market Study

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What Does iHub Do for Your Applications?

To get a better embedded analytics and reporting platform than iHub, you'd have to hand-code for months,
if not years—and you don't have time for that, do you?

iHub is a high-performance, lightweight, customizable embedded BI reporting and analytics platform with a flexible design to fit into any industry application across all markets.

OEM appliance companies that embed BIRT engine are able to:

  • Create and deliver highly visual, interactive reports, analytics, and dashboards directly from the appliance

  • Access data from the appliance and integrate it with security and business rules

  • Deliver remarkably intuitive, visually engaging reports to users

  • Integrate graphs, charts, and visualizations with data sources for real-time insights

  • Expand capabilities of web-based applications to empower business users with self-service data analysis and collaborative reporting experiences

  • Improve customer satisfaction and user engagement 

  • Appeal to a wider customer base to expand their business opportunities

  • Reduce development time, report maintenance, and support costs

  • Scale reports and applications to unlimited users

Designed for seamless integration, iHub blends in with any environment and easily adopts the look and feel of your existing application.

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Watch Demo: Embed BIRT Dashboards & Reports

Odyssey Partners with us to Deliver Industry-Leading Solutions for Private Wealth and Asset Management

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Cisco plans to incorporate iHub to the Web-based interface of the network equipment maker's Secure Access Control Server

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Learn more about how a global storage appliance vendor embedded iHub to help users manage data better.

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Build End-to-End Internet of Things (IoT) Systems

M2M Embedded Analytics and Reporting Solutions

Measuring Internet of Things (IoT) systems with machine to machine (M2M) technologies is becoming a key intelligence metric for monitoring and controlling aspects of retail, transportation, logistics, defense, health, and other industries. Collecting patterns of information in real time and correlating that data with other business metrics leads to powerful insights for optimizing resource allocation and distribution. This is where people and traffic counters become invaluable for M2M learning because of their unique ability to offer live insights about human traffic patterns. 

To make data actionable for Internet of Things (IoT) appliances, iHub can be embedded to process, analyze, and aggregate M2M historical data, visualizing that information in interactive dashboards. IoT systems are fueled by the concept that the more data that is acquired, the more business value you can extract, resulting in:

  • Optimizations in business operations

  • Opportunities for new partners and new sources of revenue

  • New market strategies

  • Innovative business models

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Eclipse IoT Technologies in Action
Actuate and Eurotech Demonstration
of Eclipse BIRT and Eclipse Kura

EclipseCon 2014

At EclipseCon 2014, Actuate and Eurotech showed how open source Eclipse technologies can create end-to-end IoT solutions by setting up a real-world scenario for people counting. 

Watch demo

For Data That's Always on, There's iHub

Keep up with Technology and Future-Proof Your Apps

Technology evolves. And now your OEM appliance apps can too. iHub adapts to future changes so you'll never be left behind.

iHub was designed for easy integration into any application. Embedding iHub into your appliance gives you:

  • Easy content development with a modern web page design metaphor

  • Open architecture with flexible programming

  • Full support for libraries and reuse

  • Resources for a range of adaptable solutions

  • White labeling to integrate seamlessly, adopting the look and feel of your existing application interface

  • Single sign-on authentication

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Developer Resources

Questions? We're here to help. Send us a message today or visit our free developer forum to ask questions and learn the latest tricks and tips for getting the most out of iHub.

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