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OEM and SaaS Partnerships

Accelerate Time-To-Market and Instantly Enhance Your Branded Software Applications with OpenText™ Analytics

The Value of iHub Adoption

Become an OpenText™ Analytics Partner

Want to Boost Your SaaS Model or OEM Appliance Apps?

Embedding OpenText™ Actuate Information Hub (iHub) Is Your on-Ramp to Modernizing Your Apps with the Slickest Built-In Analytic Capabilities and Interactive Reporting Features Your Customers Will Love

Embedded Technology for Next-Generation Apps. Out-of-the-box, iHub equips you with the embedded BI technology you need to modernize the features of your branded OEM appliances and SaaS models. We offer special OEM packages that are ideal for startup companies looking for a head start on developing data-driven apps for their customers or for creating internal business applications. 

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With iHub, the possibilities are…endless. 

What will you do with iHub?

Bring the Value of OpenText Analytics to Your Branded Apps

Bring the value of embedded analytics to your brand

Embed in Your SaaS Apps

Embed BI in Your
Appliance Apps

Embedded analytics and smart applications for your appliance

Embed in Your Appliance

Give Your Startup the Best Head Start with OpenText Analytics Technology

Technology that gives your new business the best head start

Solutions for Startups

Make Your Applications More Intelligent, Instantly

Embed Reports, Dashboards, and Analytics into Your Branded Apps

What makes iHub the ideal embedded BI and analytics technology for your SaaS or OEM applications?

We help SaaS and OEM companies enrich their products quickly and easily with the best embedded BI and analytic capabilities. With unparalleled custom programming features, iHub is ready to embed into any third-party SaaS product or OEM application.

  • Adopts the look and feel of your product seamlessly with White Labeling, so your product shines.
  • Provides an intuitive and fully interactive end user experience, keeping your customers happy and contextually informed.
  • Offers a comprehensive set of APIs, bringing powerful analytic and reporting functionality to your branded apps.
  • Serves your entire enterprise and beyond, with the proven scalability and security to keep you prepared for the future. 

Read the 2014 Dresner Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study to see why our embedded intelligence platform ranks #1 out of 24 BI vendors.

Embed BIRT into your SaaS and OEM products

Embedding iHub into your SaaS and OEM products lets you add powerful analytic functionality without having to build your own analytics and BI infrastructure from scratch.

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Can iHub support your SaaS or OEM requirements?

lightweight, embeddable BI engine

iHub has a lightweight, embeddable BI engine that allows OEM and SaaS partners to create and deliver data-driven apps with visually rich reports, dashboards, and analytics.

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Simplify Data Discovery

Enable Tasks and Analysis to Take Place in One App

Create the best user experiences. When you integrate iHub into your OEM or SaaS offerings, your customers will appreciate the added capabilities that embedded analytics bring to your data-driven applications.

  • Interactive, dynamic web reports

  • Personalized dashboards with charts and graphs tracking their crucial business metrics in real time

  • Advanced data visualizations that allow further drill-in analysis

  • Seamless analytic functionality that follows the natural framework of your apps

  • Familiar app format that makes data accessible and instantly usable for non-technical users

Never Outgrow Your Apps

Future-Proof Your Apps. Keep your growing customer base happy with personalized report content and contextual information that’s easy to understand and intuitive to work with. With iHub, your organization will have the technological infrastructure necessary to create data-driven apps that accommodate unlimited users with diverse reporting requirements—today and down the road. 

  • Deliver your data-driven apps securely to any user community with uncompromising scalability, performance, and reliability.

  • Manage the distribution, data security, and accessibility of reports, dashboards, and application information easily from iHub's administrator console.

personalized report content

The technology powering iHub allows linear scalability and multi-tenancy to support any deployment size or type, regardless of where your app is hosted.

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Join the leading OEM and SaaS companies that have embedded iHub into their products to launch successful products ahead of schedule and below projected costs.

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